RADS – Hint 1

1: Read the question carefully to ensure you get the full 3 marks. If you need to refresh your memory, go back to yesterday’s revision by clicking here¬†

2: The question asks you to link to the dance idea for each relationship.

3: No link to choreographic intent asked for here.

4: The question is split into 2 sets of 2 marks. For each set of 2 marks you must:

Describe how you would use a contrasting pair of dynamics and link to the dance idea.

Example answer for Question 4, using the choreographic intent ‘War: Violence & Memory’

I would have my dancers getting faster and faster in the middle to show the adrenaline as they rush into battle, but then gradually slowing down as they see the death all around them. [accelerate/decelerate].

I would have 2 dancers perform a continuous, fluid phrase to represent memories of a happier life whilst the other dancers perform the same phrase with jerky, abrupt dynamics to show the reality of the present. [flowing/abrupt]