tue 29th 1. The choreographic intention of our trio is to show a sense of competition between the dancers in order to be in the lead and different group relationships between them. Facial expression is one expressive skill that made the choreographic intention more effective, this is because it demonstrates the determination to overtake each other throughout the dance, we all want to be in the lead at all times. One place this is shown is when we do a question and answer- one dancer dances a a motif while the other 2 stare at her with a straight face, then those 2 dancers dance a different motif while the other dancer stares at them. Through out the dance our facial expression towards each other is often cold, its almost like we are trying to pressure our opposition in hope they give up. The overall effectiveness of using facial expression in the dance is that we show that we want to win in the end. Projection a strong expressive skill in our trio, this was because the music used for the dance helps to connect the audience into the dace. When the music is faster or sharper, we use faster and sharper movements, while speeding up the pace. Then when the music is slower or softer, we dance at a slower pace using softer movements. this is demonstrated well when there is a series of sharp beats in the music ,rather than a flowing melody, and we do a single movement on each beat. This links the audience to the dance because they are able to understand the choreography of the dance better due to being able to hear and the the changes in dynamics. This is effective to the trio because it takes it from just a dance to a performance as the audience can understand it better. Sensitivity towards other dancers is another expressive skill that is effective in the dance, this is because we all need to cautious of each other and our where about in the dance to make the trio work. Especially to make sure that we are all in time with each other and are in the right place at the right time. In our performance piece sensitivity to each other is particularly important during the first set of contact work. One dancer falls back onto another dancers back, if the other dancer was not there then the dancer falling backwards would fall. The overall effectiveness of sensitivity towards other dancers is that the dancers need to be sensitive and aware of the dancers around them to avoid injury or a bad performance. mon 28th01.0 The 4 dancers could could dance the short journey of the space shuttle, starting at the building of it. Each dancer could be involved in the construction showing the troubles they faced while building it. They could then go onto showing the test runs of the space shuttle before the explosion. The dancers could demonstrate the struggles and trial and errors the were faced with. Then the final part of the journey could be the explosion that dancers could each have a role in the take off of the Challenger and show the heartbreak of the people that lost their loved ones in it. 02.0 One way you could use relationships to communicate my choreographic intent is by using counterpoint, this could show what the explosion was like for the people in the space shuttle and the people that witnessed it. Another way is by using action and reaction, this could show how the actions of the people in the control centre effects the people inside the space shuttle, portrayed by 2 dancers being part of the control team and the other 2 in the space shuttle. 03.1 The dancers could start with 2 of them front right stage next to each other and the other 2 of them back left stage, facing the front. This would show that the dancers are representing different sides of the explosion. The four dancers could drop to the right slowly and delicately dropping both arms with it and stepping the right foot out. Then they could quickly jump on the left foot bringing their right arm over their head and rolling onto the floor and covering their head abruptly with their arms then continue the roll round until lying on their backs.This shows that the explosion has happened and are trying to protect themselves. 03.2 One way I could develop it is by getting the dancers to perform the motif in cannon so that it shows that their realisation of what is happening kicks in at different times depending on where they are in association to each other Another way i could develop it is by making the the drop a sharp drop so that there is a change in the dynamics. A third way I could develop the motif is by having the 2 dancers front right stage starting kneeling on the floor and doing the drop on the floor and then reaching up instead of jumping leading into the roll where all four dancers would be in unison. 04.1 I would use a narrative structure 04.2 a narrative structure shows the choreographic intent because the dance is showing the story of the explosion in prospective to the people both inside the space shuttle and outside.

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