next series: 28 Jan – 1 Feb 2019

Heads Up is an online practice portal for students preparing for the GCSE Dance C2 written paper. It replaces Mark Up, our successful portal for the Unit 1 legacy paper, which ran from 2013 -2017. Thousands of students used this service, teachers reporting that it made a significant, positive difference to their final grade

The new Heads Up portal is more user friendly than before with a brand new website and streamlined system. Students can now answer with an online submission and are able to take notes on screen as they work [desktop only]. They can save these notes to a word document or print as they wish so that they have a record of their learning.

The program can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile, although perhaps a larger screen would be best for 12 mark questions!

We post one examination style question per day, students answer online and we feedback with personalised comments – no statement banks!
Mark Schemes are provided for all questions and sent to you, the teacher directly each day. Mark Schemes are based on the exemplar material provided by AQA.

It’s like learning to drive – you can have as many lessons as you like, but its the practice that will get you through!

How can you mark and send feedback when the 1st exam hasn’t been sat yet?

Remember, Heads Up is practice portal giving students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to examination style questions. Our marking team are experienced examiners from the legacy specification and so have a wealth of experience in developing good answers and understanding mark schemes.

Our aim is to draw the best possible answers from your students by pointing out where they could improve.

and we make sure that you are kept in the loop with your students’ feedback as well !